Our mission is to sustainably restore and reproduce wood windows to their original beauty and functionality.

We understand the nature of wood windows and how they function. In our process, we make sure things are done right and with great craftsmanship. We use high-quality Accoya wood for all of the windows, it’s strong and lasts longer than most of today’s windows from big box stores.

We care a lot about the environment, we believe it’s very important to you and to us. We pay attention to products and tools we use in our work, minimize the waste, and we make sure the work site is clean. Rescuing wood windows is a big part of rescuing the environment, it’s less waste to fill up the landfills, less toxic waste, less natural resources used, and less money for you in the long run.


Let’s rescue instead of replace your wood windows.
Bring them back to their original beauty and functionality.

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Our Services

• Free Window Analysis
• Rescue
• New Window
• Storm Window
• Draft Stop
• Premium Window Restoration

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Integrity and quality work. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my historical wood windows.

Brandi Matthews-Clark

They are a wonderful company. I just can't believe the quality of work they do and their attention to detail. You can't go wrong in trusting them for your window repairs and installations. The customer service is truly amazing. Can't find a more honest group of people. I tell everyone I know about them!

Amanda King