5 Reasons You Need A Lead Safe Contractor

Do you own a home built before 1978 and plan on renovating? Do you have children or dogs and want to protect them from poison? Do you want to paint your house in an environmentally safe way? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should...NO, you must hire a lead safe contractor and here are our top 5 reasons why.

1. It Is The Law...

This is a really simple reason. Lead paint is no joke and very dangerous! A contractor who violates this can be fined over $3700 per violation.

2. Professional Responsibility

A contractor who cares about the homes, and the people in them, should be investing in his professional education. Having a current license shows that not only is the contractor serious about their profession but they are serious about your families safety.

3. Protect Your Children And Pets

Lead paint is extremely dangerous to young and unborn children. Lead poisoning can cause damage to developing brains and nervous systems. Lead poisoning can cause permanent learning behaviors and medical problems. For example, lead poisoning is associated with learning disabilities, lower IQ, problems with growth, memory and hearing. Do us a favor...DON'T RISK IT!!

4. Protect Your Own Health.

Lead causes health problems in adults, It can raise blood pressure, decrease brain function, cause miscarriage and impotence...JUST SAY NO!!

5. Safety Of Your Home

Contractors who are certified in lead safety by the EPA and DEQ are trained in how to prevent lead hazards. To become certified the contractor must take a course that teaches contractor how to:

  • Set up work space and prevent the spread of lead dust.
  • Minimize and contain lead dust while working.
  • Clean up safely after work is complete.
  • Train others who work for them.

It is very important that you, as a homeowner of an old home, take this very seriously and that you hire someone trained to work with lead. For additional resources, check below for links.

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For the EPA Rules, click here.