The Eversash

The Eversash Window is built by combining timeless wood sash craftsmanship and cutting edge wood technology to make the longest lasting wood window on the market. The Eversash is built using Accoya wood, produced in The Neatherlands, which is milled locally in Oklahoma City into beautiful wood windows and wood sashes. We finish our windows with Sarco oil based putty and H-I-S oil based paint giving the windows a premium furniture finish.

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Traditional Craftsmanship

The Eversash is made the same way wood windows were made in the early 1900s, handcrafted and carefully machined. The Eversash is designed to be last a life time and can easily be maintained and repaired.

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Low Maintenance

The Accoya wood combined with our factory finish paint and glazing means your maintenance intervals can double. We make our wood windows in the hopes that 80 years from now, the next generation of preservationist will restore not replace.

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Made To Last

The Eversash is made using Accoya wood,  Accoya warranties their wood against rot and major swelling for 50 years. Accoya is the industry leader in timber growing technology.