How Much Will A Wood Window Restoration Cost?

Service prices vary, however even our RENEW service can be reasonably affordable when you consider the value compared to the so called "quality" replacements, energy efficiency and sustainability. In addition, because RENEW services are mostly labor, you can be sure that the price you pay is going to local labor and to stimulate the local economy...not a factory overseas.

What Is The Warranty On Window Restorations?

There is no warranty...because a warranty is not needed. Studies show that with proper maintenance, wood windows can last over 200 years. So you've got at least another 100 years or so. How is that for a warranty? 

How Does RENEWING Wood Window Compare To New Replacement Windows?

It doesn't. A replacement window is just that...a replacement. It will need to be replaced. The return investment on a replacement window is longer than the estimated life of the actual window. An historic wood window that has been RENEWED will compliment the original design of the home and last a lifetime.

Don't Wood Windows Increase Utility Bills?

No. Field studies have shown that a restored wood window combined with a storm window is more energy efficient than a replacement window. Using our RENEW service can save up to 40% on your utility bill.

I Have A Wood Window Sash So Bad, It Must Be Replaced!

Simply put...YOU DON'T.  Traditional wood windows were built with repair in mind. Each piece can be removed and repaired or milled and replaced. Every wood window can and should be rescued from replacement.