Wood Window Rescue is a nationally recognized wood window preservation and wood sash restoration service.

"Our restoration goal is always to save the original beauty of the windows."

Our restorations follow the Window Preservation Standards and Historic Preservation Brief Nine issued by the national parks. We offer wood sash removal and window install service in the Oklahoma City metro area.


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Valuable Investment

Studies show that a preserved home's value can be 20% higher than a similar aged home with modern features. Restored windows with storm windows are also more efficient and will last longer than most replacement windows.  

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The Sustainable Choice

The most energy efficient window is the one that already exists. The RescueSash is good for the environment and the economy. Our process keeps wood windows from landfills and gives jobs to local craftspeople.  

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TimeLEss Beauty

Traditional wood windows have unmatched beauty. Unlike most replacement windows, wood sash windows can be painted with millions of colors not just 3 stages of beige.