We examine condition of your windows and will provide you with a window analysis including best way to rescue your windows and the estimated cost, all at no charge to you.

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Removal of window's sash. Failed paint is removed from sash & jamb. Failed glazing is removed and spot glazed. Sash & jamb are prepped for paint and re-installation including; new rope, parting bead & interior stop. Lower sash is adjusted to align with upper sash. Installation of hardware. Installed with Draft Stop.


The EverSash, Traditional wood sash window, built using traditional joinery and Accoya wood. Can be purchased as individual window parts or full window unit including. Windows can be painted any color to match historic home. Installed by window craftsman.


The EverStorm, Traditional wood storm window, built out of Accoya wood. EverStorm can be painted to match making it invisible or can be painted in one of sixteen colors for an added accent. Installed by trained window tech.


High performance weather-stripping installed in our unique parting bead between the sashes, in the new window stop around the window and installed directly into the mid rail of your sash windows, effectively draft proofing the whole sash window perimeter. Can be added to any WWR service and installed by window craftsman.


Glass is removed & cleaned. Broken is replaced with 1/8" AGW or Salvage as specified. Paint is removed to first sound substrate and damage is repaired with wood or wood epoxy. Sash is sanded smooth and sprayed with SW White Pigment Shellac primer. Glass is installed with no bed set and glazed with Sarco Type-M. If purchased, paint is sprayed on the interior and brushed on the exterior with SW Waterborne Alkyd Urethane or All Surface Enamel. Windows are removed and restored at the EverSash Window Reproduction and Restoration Shop in OKC.

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