Historic wood windows were designed to be repaired...not replaced.


OUR MISSION is to save our natural environment by preserving our built environment. We do this by restoring and sustainably reproducing wood windows. We use Accoya wood in all of our reproduction wood windows. 

OUR STORY began in 1997 when Dennis Myers founded Wewoka Window Works. Fast-forward to 2016, when Ty McBride, who was mentored by Dennis, purchased Wewoka Window Works and began building a team to take on the demand of window restoration. After rapid growth in projects, Morgan Reinart was brought on to manage the team in an efficient manner.

We are constantly researching to find the most sustainable and cost-effective preservation methods.

We have completed several projects listed on the National List of Historic Places and we are committed to preserving the history in every home.


The greenest window is the one that already exists.